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Biostatistician I

Biostatistician I

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Diabetes Clinical Research Program


The Biostatistician will apply biostatistics and statistics to the design, execution, analysis and interpretation of biological experiments at BRI, especially in clinical and preclinical medicine, and associated mechanistic studies.  By adding statistical rigor to all phases of the experimental process the biostatistician supports the ability to draw significant interpretation from these experiments with confidence.

Biostatisticians will work most effectively at the project level, so that they may be included from the earliest design phase, overseeing statistically oriented details of the project from beginning to end. This will necessarily include interacting with investigators and researchers alike across the organization in a collaborative fashion.  Biostatisticians will be expected to manage and maintain large collections of experimental and clinical profiling data from both public domain and internal programs.


Duties include:

• Perform statistical or other bioinformatics based analysis working with institute scientists including to generate quality control and data output reports, visualizations, and publication-quality graphics where appropriate.
• Critically evaluate experimental design and generate statistical analysis plans.
• Work independently and collaboratively with all levels of institute researchers, in a dynamic research environment to design and implement new immunological experiments.
• Participate in writing quarterly reports, progress reports, proposals, and journal articles.
• Keep informed of cutting-edge ideas, research, and technology, and apply them as appropriate.
• Update Bioinformaticians and the Systems Immunology Division on new data analysis methods and publications.
• Educate institute scientists in biostatistics through open door consulting, and classroom sessions.
• Attend and present data at external scientific meetings and conferences as appropriate.
• Meet established deadlines and milestones.
• Comply with health & safety procedures and practices.
• Perform other duties as required.


• B.S. or M.S. in bioinformatics, biostatistics, or other life science with a strong understanding of the principals of biostatistics, and 0-3 years related experience
• Demonstrates success in technical proficiency, scientific creativity, collaboration with others as well as independent thought
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Excellent time management, task organization and multi-tasking skills.
• Has a solid understanding and knowledge of the scientific basis of their field.
• Understands the principles of molecular biology, genetics and immunology.
• Proficiency with analysis software such as R/Bioconductor, SAS/JMP.
• A focus or strength in one or more areas of biostatistics such as experimental design, analysis of clinical trials, data visualization, machine learning, RNA-seq analysis, genomic assembly, etc.