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Diabetes Clinical Research Program


The Diabetes Clinical Research Program is recruiting a clinical investigator for a faculty appointment.  The Benaroya Research Institute is a non-profit research center with a strong translational research emphasis.  Clinical investigations and clinical research with emphasis on immune mediated diseases such as type 1 diabetes are closely linked to laboratory investigations in genetics, matrix biology, and immunology.


We are looking for an investigator with interest in clinical research and clinical trials to work on national, regional, and local projects in type 1 diabetes.  Our group has leadership roles in NIH-sponsored programs such as Diabetes TrialNet and the Immune Tolerance Network as well as JDRF and Helmsley Trust collaborative research projects.

The Diabetes Clinical Research Program currently includes clinical trials of type 1 diabetes prevention and intervention as well clinical investigations involving basic physiology studies, analysis of immunologic markers, and epidemiological studies.  Benaroya Research Institute’s research focus is immune mediated disease which ranges from basic discovery science to translational medicine, systems biology, genetics, and clinical trials. 

We are in a superb research environment with established local collaborations in teaching and/or research with the University of Washington, Fred Hutch, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and other research centers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Opportunities exist to participate in clinical activities in the Department of Pediatrics/Pediatric Endocrine division at the University of Washington.


The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the overall Diabetes Clinical Research Program through participation in ongoing programs and initiation of new projects. 

This requires demonstration of significant research productivity, evidence of future research potential, and evidence of ability to effectively manage scientific teams.

Experience in epidemiology, clinical investigation and/or clinical trials preferred; however, applicants with related research experience will be considered including work outside of type 1 diabetes.

Requires an MD and a license to practice medicine in US.